Tied Sock Caterpillar!

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Tied Sock Caterpillar!

That’s right–you can make your own caterpillar stuffed animals right at home with simple supplies most parents have at home. No more throwing away those old socks that don’t have a match. Instead, turn them into little caterpillars!

These caterpillars are so easy to make, and you only need 6 things:

1) An old sock (the longer the better!)
2) A long piece of yarn
3) Stuffing
4) Pipe Cleaners
5) Googly Eyes
6) Glue

It’s that simple!

So let’s get started:

1) Gather all your materials in one place. It just makes things easier.

2) Stuff the sock until it’s almost all the way full.

3) Tie a double knot on the bottom of the toe of the sock to make the head–approximately two inches down from the toe.

Sock Caterpillar Head

Make sure to make a nice, tight knot!

4) Tie the two sides of the yarn together about two inches down from the head.
Wrap the yarn around the sock and tie a knot on the top to make the second segment. Then wrap them back to the bottom and double knot it like you did in step three.

Sock Caterpillar Second Segment

Don’t make it too short or too long or you’ll have an uneven caterpillar!

5) Tie the two sides of the yarn together about two inches down again and wrap them around the sock to make the third segment. Tie a knot on the top of the sock and pull it tight, then wrap the yarn back around and double knot it on the bottom.

Sock Caterpillar Segments

You should have a line of yarn going down the caterpillar’s belly.

6) Continue repeating these steps until you are at the top of the sock.

Finishing the Sock Caterpillar

You may add or remove stuffing depending on how full or empty your sock is at this point.

7) Tie the two sides of the yarn together one last time a half inch away from the lip of the sock.

Sock Caterpillar End Segment

You need enough space to tie it off!

8) Wrap the yarn around the sock and tie a knot. As you tighten it, push the stuffing into the sock to make sure it stays. Be careful not to push the lip of the sock back through the knot.

Stuffing the Sock Caterpillar

You can use two hands for this–I had one on the caterpillar and one on the camera!

9) When you’ve got the stuffing inside and the first knot tightened, wrap the two sides of yarn back around the sock and double knot them on the bottom.

Sock Caterpillar Complete

And that’s it!

There you have it! Look how nice your sock caterpillar looks! But you’re not done. Now to give it some of those buggy features: eyes and antennae!

Sock Caterpillar

Looking snazzy!

10) Take the two short pipe cleaners and wrap them around your finger to give them curls.

Sock Caterpillar Antennea

Leave space at the bottom, as shown above, to put into the sock.

11) Carefully poke these through the sock and twist them into the stuffing to make antennae. (Note, this can be very difficult, and if you’d rather slit a tiny hole in the socks with a pair of scissors to stick the pipe cleaners in, that works, too).

Sock Caterpillar with Antennae

You can put them wherever you want to!

12) Finally, use the glue to stick eyes onto the caterpillar’s face.

Sock Caterpillar with Eyes

And the final touches…

Viola! You can either trim the string off the back or keep it there to hang and play with the caterpillar.