The Importance of Conversation.

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The Importance of Conversation.

The importance of conversation.

That’s what CreativeKrate is all about, after all. Quality time with your children will help immensely later in life. Not only will you have better relationships with your children, but studies have shown that children who spend more quality time with their parents tend to do better in school, as well as a whole bunch of other awesome benefits. But how can you make sure you get that quality time? What do you do?

The absolute most important thing to do, and one of the easiest ways to create quality time with your child, is simply to talk to them. You should begin doing this while they are still in the womb. The comprehension rate may not be so great at this stage, but they will get used to the amazing sound of your voice. There is nothing else on earth that even comes close to the sound of your parents’ voices.

Talk about how you are decorating the nursery. Talk to them about the color schemes you are considering, about the vacations you plan to take them on when they are older, about all the names you are considering for them and why. Talk about grandparents and how much you love them. Talk about your childhood and all the amazing times you had. Talk about the adventures you had as a child and how you felt about them.

Talk about everything.

And as they get older you will be answering questions.

And as they get even older you will eventually be talking about them.

And when they are older still you will be talking to them.