Is your child gifted?

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Is your child gifted?

What would happen if we all were able to be the best we could possibly be?

How might our children, our community, and maybe even our world be different if we were all able to function at the top of our potential? What if the child sitting in front of you was able to develop into the highest form of themselves? Isn’t this, after all, exactly what we all want? Isn’t this the very reason we invest so much time in our children?

In fact we all work very hard to provide our children with the tools necessary to accomplish just this result. We watch the kids on TV programs that demonstrate remarkable abilities and wonder why our child doesn’t do the same. At times, it can feel like we have failed our child because of the amazing things other peoples children are capable of.

Well, just what are we going to do about this? We could spend years wondering why our child isn’t as accomplished as the TV kids. Maybe we could blame ourselves and nag our children to the point of frustration and in the end only realize that the blame the nagging and the frustration kept them from their potential. Not to mention the headache it gave us.


We could begin to evaluate and learn about the actual potential within each child individually.

Many of the children we see who are gifted are gifted in academically. Academics are easy to measure, but we know that excellence in many other areas is necessary in the world we live in.

The child that puts colors together in such a unique way may some day design a new line of clothing and change the direction of fashion in their lifetime. This same child may not be an academic superstar. He may possess a gift of design.

The idea is to investigate the interests and abilities of the individual to seek out the exact nature of the Gift that your child possess.

CreativeKrate can be a valuable tool in this adventure. Each project in the subscription of CreativeKrate is designed to give you and your child a new experience with a new topic. Keeping track of your child’s preferences will allow patterns to emerge to help you bring out the Gift within your

So, yes. Your child is gifted! You just need to foster that gift–whatever it may be!