Helping your Child Cope with Social Anxiety

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There are times when your child will be suffering from phobias for being exposed in public. If the child has become too distressed or unable to deal with having social relations then it could be a reason for concern. Social anxiety is a way for people to be alert and to put forth their best foot forward when in public. However, it becomes counterproductive when the child has become too shy. If your child is worried being in the social spotlight here are some strategies you can use to help them cope.

Ask them to open up

It is always healthy for parents to reach out to the child and talk about their worries. As a parent it is important that you are able to get an honest answer from the child. Children are often unable to solve problems on their own. Parents need to guide their children and support them when they are feeling too shy for comfort. Try to have the child say why he is not comfortable and take a note of it. Creating a welcoming atmosphere where children do not feel ashamed of sharing to their parents their inner thoughts and emotions may seem challenging to some parents. But, with perseverance and determination, an open communication line between kids and parents can greatly spare kids from the adverse effects of social anxiety.

Teach them some skills

Often you will not be there for your child when a problem arises. That is why you need to teach the child simple ways on how to solve his/her problems. Improving the child’s problem solving skills can give you fewer worries to think about. It will also give more confidence to the child to step up to the plate and become responsible. This will also inspire him/her that everything can be solved without a parent’s help.

Replace negative ideas

Always reinforce the negative thoughts of the child with positive thoughts. Teaching your child a can-do attitude will keep the worries at the sidelines. If the worries are not totally eliminated at least it will be kept at a minimum. It is important that you teach your child how to do self-motivation. This will keep him motivated to overcome the fears associated with mingling with other people.

Teach deep breathing

Often social anxiety is manifested with increased heart beat and panic attacks. It is important that you teach your child how to use different relaxation exercises to make him less tense and get out from a stressful situation. Relaxation techniques as simple as deep breathing can help the child to calm down especially when confronted with a stressful event.

Reassure the child

Tell the child that even if he makes a faux pas you will still be 100 percent behind him. The child can become anxious if there are things that don’t go his way. Tell him that you are proud of him no matter what. This can boost his ego and self-confidence to get out and feel what the world has to offer for him. But make sure to clearly set boundaries that making a mistake is okay but he should find ways to rectify them and improve his ways of dealing with other people.

Social anxiety can lower the quality of life. The strategies listed above can help both you and the child cope with worries when getting exposed to the world. Lowering the fears and worries can lessen the incidence of social anxiety significantly.