Book Review: Smart Parenting, Smarter Kids

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Book Review: Smart Parenting, Smarter Kids

There is such a massive amount of information about the subject of parenting that just trying to get a general idea of the main concepts can be overwhelming. Plus, most people looking for parenting material have kids, so the amount of time available for research is seriously limited.

Occasionally in my quest to keep informed on the newest ideas and ideals relating to the topic of parenting, I come across someone exceptional.

This is the case with Dr. David Welch. His book Smart Parenting,Smarter Kids is based on actual knowledge of how the brain develops and how this relates to behavior. One of the concepts I particularly appreciated was the idea that a parent should not take the unpleasant behaviour of a child personally. Instead, it is helpful to understand that there are other circumstances at play such as the developing of the brain itself. He also talks about not taking things too seriously.

If a parent can manage not to take certain behaviour personally they will be much more likely to look at the behaviour objectively. Also, they would be much more likely to resolve issues and less likely to damage delicate relationships.

Another important concept is the idea that praise should be specific and sincere rather than hollow and general.

An example of this is “I really like how hard you worked on that project” (specific and sincere) rather than “Good job” (hollow and general).

You can find this book on Amazon for $12.64 for paperback. Who knows, you might find it so helpful you could someday actually have some “spare time.”

Smart Parenting, Smarter Kids
The One Brain Book You Need to Help Your Child Grow Brighter, Healthier and Happier
By Dr. David Welch PHD