Are you a Paranoid Parent?

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Are you a Paranoid Parent?

It seems there are so many things that can go wrong with your child’s normal development that trying to keep up with all the new current information is overwhelming. Just keeping up with what the other kids on the block have been diagnosed with can be a daunting task. So how do I know if I am being the observant parent whose attention and evaluation will save my child from harm or if I am just the excessive worrier?

I think that one thing we should all consider is seeking a medical evaluation. Any time a Mom or Dad has a gut feeling that something might be wrong, a good idea is to run your thoughts by your healthcare provider. If nothing else, reassurance from a professional will help you sleep better at night.

If you have a concern about your child, there is never a good reason not to ask questions. A good open communication between you and the doctor responsible for answering your families health questions is an absolute must. A doctor who doesn’t seem to be listening to you because they are too busy or doctors with a preconceived idea that nothing you say is important should probably be replaced with a doctor that treats you your child and your questions with respect.

Another thing that warrants consideration if your child is exhibiting questionable behavior is when and under what circumstances the behavior occurs. For example, a child that is extremely tired or hungry may exhibit many of the red flag symptoms listed below for Sensory Processing Disorder. The more information your have for your doctor the better she can answer your questions.

One more thing to remember is what the representative for the March of Dimes told me the third time I called to ask about possible causes of birth defects during my first pregnancy: “Most children are born perfectly normal and most children stay that way”.

OK, Maybe I was a bit of a worrier!